very interactive and packed with learning and laughter.”
Jayne McStay @ NOW Group

Revolve Comics develops and delivers a wide range of workshop facilitation projects. We understand that the skills we use everyday can also be passed on to the next generation of budding storytellers, and we are happy to do so. Creating concepts, designing characters, writing scripts, storyboarding, and artwork are key expertise in many industries, from comics, to games, to television and movies, to even marketing and blogging.

We facilitate and tailor workshops to the needs and goals of any organisation, from school clubs that help with low literacy to helping people on the autism spectrum gain employability. We are here to help.

Comic orkshops

Fandom Project @ NOW Group

This aptly named project was programmed workshops with adults on the autism spectrum and who were fans of comics. This project was to engage with them to teach them the key skills so they could create their own superheroes and comic pages and help educate them with a focus on industry standard practice to help with their own confidence and employability.

Creating their own heroes in the Fandom Workshop in the NOWproject, hosted by Revolve Comics.

Fandom Workshops with The NOW Group hosted by Revolve Comics.

Amnesty International’s Silent Voices Disability Awareness

 A project with Amnesty International to help educate separate groups about people with disabilities and how they can become isolated from society because of their disability. This was delivered across a series of workshops that saw the groups produce a comic about the average disabled people whom they may meet on the street to superheroes with disabilities such as Daredevil. A really worthwhile project that got right to the heart of the matter and into the heart of communities.

Comics being taugh as skills for employability.

Young People learning from the skills from Revolve Comics.

Happy Mondays 21 Down Syndrome Club- Tourist Comic Project.

The Happy Mondays is a group of people with Down’s Syndrome. The aim of this project is to create a tourist comic for people with similar circumstances when they come to visit Derry~Londonderry for the day. A great group who love to get stuck in and a great project for them to be a part of.

Comicbook Workshops by Revolve Comics.

Revolve Comics getting the young people enthusiastic about comics.

Saint Patrick’s Primary School Comicbook Club

This Comicbook Club based in Saint Patrick’s Primary School in Pennyburn was attended by some of the most enthusiastic of children. Over a series of workshops the children had great fun while learning how to draw, write a short script and create a comic page all on the theme of space which accompanied what they were learning in class.