Judge Dredd Sample pages.

I’ve been working over the past year on a 90+ page comic, its all but finished and due to be released this year. It has been both rewarding and frustrating as I’ve devoted all my spare time to producing the artwork, for no money and without being able to share it publicly. My exposure in other forums and contributions to other projects has also diminished.

In saying all that, it has also been hugely rewarding brought my art forward and increased my confidence.

There are previous posts here of attempts at drawing Judge Dredd, I decided to do another to see how or if I’ve improved after such a big project, I think I have, I enjoy the character enormously so any excuse to draw him is always fun to do if nothing else.


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Welcome To Revolve Comics

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Hello and welcome to the digital home of Revolve Comics

In case you missed our about page, here is who we are and what we do:

Revolve Comics is a comic book publisher housed in Northern Ireland. We at Revolve produce our own comics and books because that’s what we love to do. Creating stories is our jam!

We understand that in storytelling the most important person is the reader. This is why we have put care into and focus on creating a service for organisations and companies to benefit from our approach to innovative communication delivery, from creating social media content to crafting comics that will help understand difficult situations such as learning about diabetes after being diagnosed. We teach it with a story.

The skills that Revolve Comics use everyday are key in the storytelling industry, from comics to television and movies. Creating concepts, writing, storyboarding, and artwork are all key expertise which we are happy to pass on to the next generation of budding storytellers. We do this by facilitating tailored workshops. From helping schools with low literacy to helping people on the autism spectrum gain employability. We are here to help.