Read Diabetes Type 1 Comics

Revolve Comics have collaborated with Diabetes Specialists from Portsmouth and Southampton and people living with type 1 diabetes to create a comic series based on Type 1 Diabetes. This is a condition for which individuals have to administer insulin daily to control their blood sugar levels. Our group understands the challenge of living with type 1 diabetes.

Different people respond to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in different ways – some like to talk it through, with others preferring to read books and leaflets to learn more.

Inspired by the legend that is Stan Lee and how he engaged so many young people with his creative allegories that would explore many issues in a fun way, this comic book series provides a means of spreading the type 1 diabetes message by using art. It is our hope that these stories will inform and educate anyone who reads them. For those readers who are newly-diagnosed, they will hopefully feel more empowered to look after themselves if not already. It is possible to live a long, healthy life with type 1 diabetes.

Innovative Comic Cover for to help kids defeat Diabetes.

Innovative Comic Cover for to help kids defeat Diabetes.

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We also are proud winners of the “Quality in Care Diabetes 2017 Collaboration Initiative of the Year – Children, Young People and Emerging Adults” and nominated as finalists for “Royal College of Physicians – Excellence in Patient Care awards 2018” for our first issue.