Creative Services

Revolve Comics created a fun and energetic atmosphere to collaborate and work in, and was full of ideas”
Alastair Cameron, Co-Founder of

Revolve Comics strive to create not only entertaining comics but also to provide a wide range of services to other companies and organisations, with special focus on projects that will have social impact.

Innovative Information Delivery: If you need to deliver information to your audience, or reach a new audience, why not avail of our services? We can help you hone your message and deliver it with innovation in a fun and informative manner through visual storytelling.

Some of the recent Creative Services that Revolve Comics have produced, include:

The Diabetes Comic: Type1 Diagnosis

Powered by the Portsmouth Endocrinology Trust, Revolve Comics and a pool of young people whom have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in their teens put their heads together to tell the story of a teenager and his journey of finding out he has Type 1 Diabetes and the trials and tribulations that come with it as a new lifestyle is introduced into his world. With the raw information from the pool of T1 Diabetics, Revolve steered the innovative story so that when newly diagnosed children receiving the comic will have a “soft foundation” to the harder medical literature that is to come thereafter. The comic is to help younger people understand some of the more daunting and less well known aspects of living with diabetes, but in a fun and entertaining read that anyone could enjoy.

This is one of the best projects we had the pleasure of taking part in. Here are some of the comic pages and development work:-

New fun and Innovative Diabetes Diagnosis Comic

Here is the first four pages of a great project for kids who have just found out they have diabetes.

Creative Centenaries Comic Resource Project.

Along with the Nerve Centre, we developed the Comicbook Educational Resource that would deliver accurate historical information for Key Stage 4 in a fun and innovatively educational manner. Whilst making the visuals accurate and interesting, the key is to tell an entertaining and engaging story with the important points so the reader can learn at an accelerated rate. This form of information delivery is on the verge of being utilised more in schools as a valid learning exercise. This comic specifically deals with cultural diversity and cultural boundaries being crossed 100 years ago.

Here’s a look at some of the pages in development:-

Historical Alice Milligan Comic

A historical comic centred around the literary figure Alice Milligan, produced under the Creative Centenaries as an education resource. Above shows the stages of development from rough “thumbnail” through pencils and colouring, to the final lettering stage.